Eliminating Sources

Identifying & Eliminating Common Mosquito Sources

Take action by identifying mosquito “breeding grounds” and doing your part to control those problem areas. Two of the most popular spots are swimming pools and containers that hold water, including plant pots. Below are a few tips to prevent mosquitos from breeding in the most common areas around your home.

Swimming Pools

  • Check pool covers weekly to ensure water isn’t accumulating on the cover.
  • Keep up with regular pool maintenance, including cleaning the filter and skimmer.
  • If draining the pool ensure that no water remains.
  • Contact your local mosquito control district if you are concerned your (or a nearby) pool may be producing mosquitoes.


  • Dump out standing water in water collection pans
  • Clean out items such as toys and empty pots outside (anything that has an opening for mosquitos and water to enter).
  • Check septic tanks for cracks and repair the tank walls if needed.
  • Avoid use of saucers under potted plants. Place in areas with adequate drainage and water only as needed.

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