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What You Can Do: Mosquito Prevention Tips

When it comes to mosquito prevention, one of the most important factors is standing water. All it takes is a small amount of standing water for mosquitos to lay their eggs and produce offspring — and many residents are surprised to discover all of the “hidden” areas in and around their homes where mosquitos find that water. Learn more about the common sources at your home and how to eliminate standing water.

Containers such as vases, bird feeders, flowerpots and pet water dishes/bowls

  • Empty containers or cover them when not in use
  • Change pet bowls and birdbaths 1-2 times each week

Pools, including hot tubs and plastic wading “kiddie” pools

  • Cover when not in use
  • Drain wading pools when not in use

Gutters, both street and roof

  • Avoid overwatering your landscape/yard and do not dispose of trash in gutters
  • Clean roof gutters annually

Ornamental water features, including ponds, fountains and waterfalls

  • Keep waterfalls and fountains flowing
  • Avoid plant overgrowth around ponds
  • Drain and scrub clean birdbaths and non-flowing fountains weekly.

Unused/old items such as tires, bottles, buckets and toys

  • Properly throw out old items you no longer need
  • Once a week, clean items that stay outside and cover when not in use

Yard Drains connected with corrugated or straight piping

  • Cover caps for yard drains with window screening to prevent entry by mosquitoes

Indoor plants

  • Change water collection pans weekly

Doors, screens and windows

  • Keep doors and windows closed when possible
  • Check for holes in screens and coverings

Drip pans under appliances

  • Empty on a regular basis

Pet water bowls

  • Change 1-2 times each week